Peggy Weil is an artist whose works explore our relationship with our changing physical, digital and sociopolitical landscapes. Her work is multidisciplinary, ranging from digital media, VR and games, to large-scale video projection and print.  A graduate of Harvard University and MIT’s Media Lab, her work has been exhibited internationally including CURRENT:LA Water in Los Angeles; The Climate Museum in NYC, MMOMA in Moscow, and LABoral in Spain. Her work, 88 Cores, was featured at the United Nations for the Secretary General’s address on Climate Action in 2018. Currently, 3D Wallpaper is on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibit, 3D: Double Vision

Since 2011 she has been developing a series of Underscapes and Overscapes; landscape focused on the unseen but critical processes involved in climate change and energy. 88 Cores is a 4 1/2 hr video descent through the Greenland Ice Core (GISP2D) projected at large scale at the Climate Museum in NYC (2018); UnderLA documents the Los Angeles Aquifer in two 30 min videos from USGS soil monitoring wells under Los Angeles, projected on the Los Angeles River at two outdoor sites, shown as part of the Los Angeles Biennale, CURRENT:LA in 2016; HeadsUP!2012, a design visualization challenge displaying NASA/JPL global groundwater data in Times Square, NYC.  3D Wallpaper, currently on exhibition as part of LACMA 3D: Double Vision, challenges our visual perception. 

With Nonny de la Peña in an ongoing collaboration, she has produced a series of Immersive Journalism , VE and VR projects focused on human rights: Gone Gitmo, a virtual installation of Guantánamo Prison, Wall Jumpers, a global visualization of political separation barriers and The IPSRESS Project, an immersive installation documenting the use of stress positions, in collaboration with The EVENT LAB in Barcelona.

From 1998 through 2016, her chatbot, MrMind, conducted a reverse Turing Test called, The Blurring Test, asking visitors, “Can you convince me that you are human?” The transcripts from those conversations form a vast human chorus  – our notion of ourselves in relationship to machines – during a time of considerable change in the relationship.

Her work is has been exhibited and presented at academic, industry and art venues internationally including LACMA 3D: Double Vision,  The Climate Museum at the Sheila S Johnson Gallery at Parsons,  CURRENT:LA Water in Los Angeles, MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art and MediaForum), LABoral in Gijon, Spain ,PrintScreen in Tel Aviv, Games for Change, The Center for Human Rights at UC Berkeley, MIPDOC and MIPTV in Cannes, Arte e Ciencia in Benasque, Spain, RAVE in Barcelona, ARGFest,  PICNIC Amsterdam, 

A graduate of Harvard University, she received her Masters Degree at M.I.T.  As an original member of the Architecture Machine Group / M.I.T. Media Lab in the early eighties, she worked on pioneering interactive projects in design and telepresence, going on to create award-winning titles for The Voyager Company, Broderbund, Electronic Arts, Von Holtzbrinck and Ravensberger Interactive.  She designed and produced the James Turrell website created for James Turrell’s 2014 retrospectives, and the original Roden Crater website for the DIA Foundation, From Inside Looking Out to Oustide Looking In, online from 1995-2003.

Weil is an Adjunct Faculty member at USC School of Cinematic Arts in Production and a Lecturer at Design Media Arts Department, UCLA.  She has taught graduate level courses as Visiting Assistant Professor at the USC SCA Interactive Media Division. She has also taught at the Design School at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. Weil acts as an Advisor to the LACMA Art + Technology Lab, coordinating an ongoing series of conversations on art and technology.



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