Redistricting Game, 2006 - USC Game Innovation Lab

Redistricting Game, 2006 – USC Game Innovation Lab

“Why would you need to rig the voting machines if you’d already rigged the election by making votes safe?”                                                                                    – USC Professor Jonathan Aronson

“It’s the perfect game to create because real-world gerrymandering is already a computer game, played for high stakes by incumbants.”                                         – USC Professor Douglas Thomas

The Redistricting Game, an early serious game to teach the basics of redistricting, was produced by USC’s Annenberg Center and The School of Cinematic Arts Game Innovation Lab.  The game effectively simulates the complex processes of congressional redistricting, beginning with a responsive 2D map-drawing puzzle, followed by role-playing to usher the map through three branches of government: a vote by the state legislature, the Governor signature and, if necessary, the courts. 

The Redistricting Game was officially launched in June 2006 in the U.S. Capitol Building with Representative John Tanner and ex-Senator John Anderson, both proponents of redistricting reform. As far as I know this is the first digital game to be launched in the halls of the US Congress. The game has been available online since 2007. Play The Redistricting Game at




Paper Prototype for Redistricting Game at SCA Game Innovation Lab, 2006