Event Lab, Barcelona, 2009

The Event Lab (Mel Slater and Mavi Sanchez-Vives) and Gone Gitmo (Nonny de la Peña and Peggy Weil)
First presented at Arte e Ciencia, Benasque, Spain 2009

The experience depicted here explores how to report the information provided in FOIA obtained transcripts documenting the interrogation of Detainee 063, Al Khatani in Guantanamo Bay Prison in 2002 and 2003. It also attempts to describe, through this new platform, the multiple news reports on detainees being held for extended periods in stress positions. The collaboration with scientists Mel Slater and Maria Sanchez-Vives informs this effort with current research on the perception of our sense of embodiment, allowing for a viewer to undergo an illusionary transformation of the physical body, thus perceptually, if not literally, entering the body of the other.